Rummage Sale this Friday!

Calling all CPP families, Alumni and community members

Our annual rummage sale is in the Cathedral park preschool parking lot from 9:00-12:00 this Friday (April 29th).

We are still accepting donations of clothing, toys, strollers, and all things kid related.  Please drop off at the school no later than 9:00 on Friday or call Trisha at 503-913-3286 to arrange a pick up by Thursday at 6pm.  There will also be a bake sale.

This is our very last fundraiser of the year so we hope to see you there!

(we are happy to provide a taxable donation receipt for any of your donations)

Is a cooperative preschool right for your family?

About Cooperative Preschools

A cooperative preschool is an organization run by a group of parents who want to participate in their child’s first educational experience. Parents help the teacher in the classroom, assist in various aspects of running the school, benefit from opportunities for education, and participate in making decisions about the school and its programs.

Benefits to Children

  • New experiences and a wider world to explore and enjoy
  • A teacher who encourages their sense of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Parents in the classroom, which guarantees an excellent adult-to-child ratio
  • The opportunity to learn about the differences and rights of others by playing with children of similar ages
  • Play equipment, learning games, expressive materials, and art activities not generally available at home
  • Field trips, story-telling, musical and dramatic play, exercise for large motor muscles, and activities to stimulate small muscle coordination
  • A positive attitude toward future school attendance

Benefits to Parents

  • Participation in their children’s education away from home
  • A better understanding of their children’s individuality through observing them with other children the same age
  • A voice in school decisions and policy-making
  • Education in child development and parenting skills
  • Mutual understanding and moral support from other parents with the same concerns, interests, and challenges
  • Memories of activities shared with children

Cathedral Park Preschool is a member of Parent Child Preschools of Oregon (PCPO). The text on this page was adapted from information provided on the PCPO website.

We are extending our school day!

2016-2017 prospective schedule

8:45 Parent Helpers arrive, help prepare the days activities

9:00 Greetings as children arrive

9:05 Morning Meeting in the circle  ( Senior group)

9:10-10:10 Choice time – Play, Art, Science

10:10-10:15 Clean Up (children help)

10:15-10:30 Circle Time – games, songs, yoga, dancing

10:30-10:45 Snacks and conversation – family style

10:45-11:40  Large Motor (Indoor Gym, Outdoor Play Time, or Walking field trip)

11:45-12:00 Reading Together

12:00 Pick Up Time and Goodbyes

12:05 Parent Helpers depart

(The 2015-2016 year day will be 30 minutes longer-ending at 12:00 instead of 11:30.  The above schedule may be subject to change)

Apply now for the 2016-2017 school year

image.jpegJoin in on the fun!

Thank you for visiting our website and exploring the Cooperative preschool world with us.

 If you decide to join Cathedral Park Preschool please print out and mail us the below documents.  Applications and enrollment notes can be picked up at the preschool Monday-Friday 9:00-11:30.  We hope to meet you and your small explorer soon!

2016-2017 Application

2016-2017 Enrollment Note


An Ode to Slime

Oh Slime, how we love you

You stretch and you bounce

Sometimes thick, sometimes thin

With the kids you are always a win


Sensory play is a vital aspect of preschool learning. Sensory play encourages children to explore a medium using all of their senses, in the exploration of slime we use our senses of touch and sight.

In a wonderful example of everyday science and sensory play, the children (with a little help from me) concocted their own slime. Measuring equal parts white glue, water and liquid starch, we stirred the first two ingredients and then added the liquid starch. As the children took turns stirring, the polymer chains found in glue were strengthened by the starch and before their very eyes a non-Newtonian fluid is formed. Sometimes science and magic look very much alike.





Making “Stained Glass”

Who doesn’t need a little extra color in their lives this time of year? Our group of artists created the beautiful “stained glass” art now gracing our classroom windows and walls. If you are wondering how preschoolers can make stained glass, I’ll share the process as it can easily be done at home.

20151215_095057We started with large sheets of waxed paper and taped down the edges (they tend to curl). The children dotted and splotched tempera paint all over their paper. Using glass wine corks and wide bottle tops the children swirled their colors into fantastic freestyle designs. Most of the children made 2 or more paintings, eagerly experimenting with different colors and textures. Many of the older children delighted in painting more recognizable pictures of rainbows, birds and even a self-portrait.20160120_142321




“Every child is an artist” Pablo Picasso





Once the paintings dried, I mounted many of the pictures onto mat frames now sitting along our windows where the light can shine through and the rest hang along our walls. Hanging student made art around the classroom reminds the children just how much we value their effort and creativity.


Credit where credit is due, this project came from:     



CPP Trike-a-Thon: Calling All Supporters for our October 3 Fundraiser!

1622112_10154692574425297_2522843064983601089_nThe October Trike-a-Thon event is our major fundraiser for the year and is also an opportunity for families to connect as we begin our new school year. Check out our VIDEO HERE.

This event promotes the following:

  • Community interconnectedness
  • Healthy kids and families
  • Curriculum enrichment

All money raised will go directly to field trips (local farm visits, ladybug hikes, and more) and curriculum enrichment efforts (biking to school, visiting artists, and more). We accept checks, cash, and online donations (click here to donate online).

Because we are a low-cost, community-based preschool, our budget is small but efficiently focused on the basic needs of our students. To offer the kind of rich curriculum that we believe all kids deserve, we ask our family, friends, and local businesses to support us! In turn, we give back as engaged community members and loyal customers.

DONOR LEVELS for Businesses/Organizations/Family/Friends

Goldilocks Level ($25.00 – $49.00 donation): As a thank-you, we will print your company’s name and contact information in our Trike-a-Thon program, passed out to all CPP families at the event.

Papa Bear Level ($50.00 – $149.00): As a thank-you, we will post a thank-you to your business on the CPP website (followed by current and alumni families) and Facebook page and will also print your company’s name and contact information in our Trike-a-Thon program.

Mama Bear Level ($150.00 and above): As a thank-you, we will offer to post your company’s logo as a permanent fixture on our CPP website for the 2015-2016 school year AND to print your logo/company information in our monthly newsletter (October through May).


WE ARE LOCAL: Cathedral Park Preschool is deeply rooted in North Portland and has been educating kids and families for the last 40 years. Our families live, learn, and shop locally and are dedicated to supporting the positive growth of our neighborhood.

WE ARE PLAY-BASED: Using a learn-through-play philosophy, the school is rich with opportunities for students to follow their curiosity, engage socially with peers and other caring adults, and see the power of cooperation in action.

WE ARE DEDICATED TO OUR COMMUNITY: The strength of the co-op is that it is built upon mutual agreement to support each other and to really invest in our learning community and our neighborhood. We build relationships, learn in the classroom, and support the long-term viability of a low-cost, community-focused school for little ones.